Why…I Bake For Fun

Why do I bake, #IBakeForFun

So once upon a time I decided that if you enjoy cake so much, then why not actually make some, so you can share. Everyone should be able to enjoy cakes, no matter, the age, size, occasion, location or lifestyle.

When you share cake, it goes quicker, so you can bake another one and another one and another one and……..another!

I’m just looking at getting my cakes out there for everyone to see, taste and enjoy the occasion of ‘cake’.

So what does cake stand for in my life:

Cindy’s Ability Kaking Elegantly

So why not take a browse at all the cakes on the site (you can’t lick the screen..sorry), with a few tips and recipes along the way to feed those minds. If you find the cake you like, or one that would go well at that birthday party, wedding day, baby shower or afternoon tea. Then do not hesitate to contact me via the contacts page, so I can get baking, icing,messy, sugar dusty, sticky, chocolatey, gooey in my kitchen, for that special occasion.





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